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  • Addresses.com - White Pages Telephone Number Lookup
      White Pages telephone number lookup as well as some other specialized searches.
  • Alaska White Pages
      Telephone, e-mail addresses, and web resources for the last frontier.
  • AT&T - AnyWho Directory This site webserves pop-up or pop-under ads
      Search for people, businesses, web sites, fax, toll free telephone numbers and a reverse lookup.
  • Area Code Lookup
      Enter any area code and this database will decode it for you telling you where it's from and what telphoen company is providing service for that area.
  • Australian White Pages
      Search for people in Australia. Also has business and reverse directories available.
  • Canada 411 This site webserves pop-up or pop-under ads
      Search for people living in Canada. Also has business and toll free directories available.
  • Cell Phone Finder
      Contrary to the many websites on the Internet that boast about finding cell phone numbers, these numbers are not yet available to the public via a reverse directory search. You can find out if the phone number is from a cell phone by entering the number here and see what service provider the number is issued to.
  • InfoSpace - White Pages Telephone Directory
      Enter a person's name and find their telephone number.
  • InfoUSA - Directory Assistance +Plus This website serves pop-up or pop-under ads
      Over 103 million listings in this database available for public use.
  • International Dialing Codes
      Get the right country code for dialing international telephone numbers. Also has a reverse directory to find exactly what country a telephone number is from.
  • The Payphone Project
      Telephone numbers to various pay phones around the country, and now the world. Amusing stories for each listing as well as some pictures sent in from visitors.
  • UK - White Pages Telephone Directory
      Search for people living in the United Kingdom (UK). Also has business and toll free directories available.
  • Verizon - White Pages Telephone Number Lookup
      From Verizon's SuperPages.com.
  • What Does Your Phone Number Spell?
      Enter your telephone number and this site will return all possible word variations that can be made using the letters for each number. Also works in reverse, i.e., enter a word and it will return all variations of telephone numbers matching the word. Fun to play around with. Try your phone number and see what it spells.
  • Whitepages.com Reverse Telephone Number Lookup This website serves pop-up or pop-under ads
      Reverse telephone number search.
  • WhoWhere? - White Pages Phone Number Lookup
      Variety of searches available to find who owns a certain telephone number.

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