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  • Britannica.com   RQdN Awarded Site
      Lets you simultaneously search the complete encyclopedia Britannica, as well as articles from over 70 leading magazines and related books.
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  • Encarta Concise Encyclopedia   RQdN Awarded Site
      This encyclopedia is ideal for people who quickly want to check a fact or satisfy an occasional curiosity. It includes 16,000 articles as well as media photos, maps, and charts. From MSN.
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  • Art Encyclopedia
      Information on fine art and artist from around the world.
  • Auto Encyclopedia
      Information on cars and automotive related subjects. From AutoPedia.
  • Babylon 5 Encyclopedia
      "My God man ... we've become a tourist attraction!" An A to Z encyclopedia resulting from the popular TV series provided by one of its die hard fans.
  • Banking & Finance Encyclopedia
      A banking and finance encyclopedia full of terminology useful in the financial industry.
  • Bible Gateway
      Online encyclopedia of the Bible. Completely searchable by version, passage or word.
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia
      Information on Canada and its history.
  • Catholic Encyclopedia
      This site gives full and authoritative information on the entire cycle of Catholic interests, action and doctrine.
  • Country Reports
      Information on over 260 countries. National anthems, flags, maps, weather, and news of the countries of the World.
  • Dino Database
      Detailed information on hundreds of dinosaurs and dinosaur related topics.
  • Encyberpedia
      The living encyclopedia from cyberspace with lots of information and resources.
  • Encyclopedia.com
      Provides more than 57,000 articles from the Columbia Encylopedia, Sixth Edition, for quick and useful information on almost any topic.
  • Encyclopedia of British History
      British history from 1500 to 1980. Each entry includes several pages of narrative, primary sources, illustrations and links to other relevant websites.
  • Encyclopedia of Feline Veterinary Medical Information
      Helping to better understand the world of cats.
  • Encyclopedia Mythica
      An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, religion, magic, and more. It contains over 7,000 articles and definitions of Greek gods and goddesses, supernatural beings, and legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world.
  • Encyclopaedia of the Orient
      Contains information on many past and present cultures and countries in the Middle-East, including Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Turkey and more. From CiAS.
  • Encyclopedia Smithsonian
      Frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian Institute, as well as information and resources on a variety of subjects.
  • Encyclopedia Titanica
      Information regarding the ill fated cruise liner, Titanic, including deck plans, passenger and crew lists, assigned quarters, and pictures of the ship, crew and passengers. Also includes a list of the survivors aboard Titanic's life boats.
  • Encyclopedia of Law & Economics
      Each entry contains two elements, a review of the literature, written by an authority in the field, followed a quasi complete bibliography (not just a selection).
  • Literary Encyclopedia
      Information on authors and literary works.
  • Mathematics Encyclopedia
      This interactive mathematics encyclopedia contains evertything you wanted to know about math, and then some. It includes theorms and great definitions and explanations of math problems.
  • Medical Encyclopedia
      An illustrated encyclopedia includes over 4,000 articles about diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries, and surgeries. It also contains an extensive library of medical photographs and illustrations.
  • Philosophy Encyclopedia
      Philosophers and philosophy terms explained. From James Fieser, Ph.D. and Bradley Dowden, Ph.D.
  • Satellite Encyclopedia
      Search for satellites by a range of entries. Each satellite fact sheet contains basic information, i.e. launch date, country of origin, official identification, and a description of its payload.
  • Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
      From the Center for the Study of Language and Information at Stanford University.
  • Symbols.com
      This site contains more than 2,500 signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphic characteristics. In 1,600 articles their histories, uses, and meanings are thoroughly discussed. The signs range from ideograms carved in mammoth teeth by Cro-Magnon men, to hobo signs and subway graffiti.
  • Tech Encyclopedia
      Over 20,000 technology terms and definitions explained. From the TechWeb.
  • World Factbook
      Information on the countries of the world. Includes country population, size, resources and more. From the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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