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"Re-QUEST dot Net™ helped me find six different royalty payments totaling $740 that were initially due my late Grandmother in North Dakota. I would have never known that I was entitled to these payments if not for Re-QUEST dot Net™. Thanks!!"  -- Ms. Shellie M., Irvine, California

     State Search for Unclaimed Funds and Property:

  • Alabama Unclaimed Property:

  • Alaska Unclaimed Property:

  • Arizona Unclaimed Property:

  • Arkansas Unclaimed Property:

  • California Unclaimed Property:

  • Colorado Unclaimed Property:

  • Connecticut Unclaimed Property:

  • Delaware Unclaimed Property:

    • Delaware Abandoned Property
        From the Revenue Division of the Delaware Department of Finance.

  • District of Columbia Unclaimed Property:

    • No Washington, D.C. unclaimed property indexes found.

  • Florida Unclaimed Property:

  • Georgia Unclaimed Property:

  • Hawai'i Unclaimed Property:

    • No Hawai'i unclaimed property indexes found.

  • Idaho Unclaimed Property:

  • Illinois Unclaimed Property:

  • Indiana Unclaimed Property:

  • Iowa Unclaimed Property:

    • Great Iowa Treasure Hunt
        From the Office of the Iowa State Treasurer.

  • Kansas Unclaimed Property:

  • Kentucky Unclaimed Property:

  • Louisiana Unclaimed Property:

  • Maine Unclaimed Property:

    • Maine Unclaimed Property Index
        From the Office of the Maine State Treasurer.

  • Maryland Unclaimed Property:

    • Maryland Unclaimed Property Search
        From the Office of the Maryland Comptroller.
        https://interactive.marylandtaxes.com/Individuals/ Unclaim/default.aspx

  • Massachusets Unclaimed Property:

  • Michigan Unclaimed Property:

  • Minnesota Unclaimed Property:

  • Mississippi Unclaimed Property:

  • Missouri Unclaimed Property:

  • Montana Unclaimed Property:

  • Nebraska Unclaimed Property:

  • Nevada Unclaimed Property:

  • New Hampshire Unclaimed Property:

  • New Jersey Unclaimed Property:

  • New Mexico Unclaimed Property:

  • New York Unclaimed Property:

  • North Carolina Unclaimed Property:

  • North Dakota Unclaimed Property:

  • Ohio Unclaimed Property:

  • Oklahoma Unclaimed Property:

  • Oregon Unclaimed Property:

  • Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property:

  • Rhode Island Unclaimed Property:

  • South Carolina State Lottery:

  • South Dakota Unclaimed Property:

    • South Dakota Unclaimed Property Index
        From the Unclaimed Property Division of the Office of the State Treasurer.

  • Tennessee Unclaimed Property:

  • Texas Unclaimed Property:

  • Utah Unclaimed Property:

  • Vermont Unclaimed Property:

    • Vermont Unclaimed Property Index
        From the Unclaimed Property Division of the Office of the Vermont State Treasurer.

  • Virginia Unclaimed Property:

    • Virginia Unclaimed Property Index
        From the Unclaimed Property Division of the Virginia Department of the Treasury.

  • Washington Unclaimed Property:

  • West Virginia Unclaimed Property:

  • Wisconsin Unclaimed Property:

  • Wyoming Unclaimed Property:

     Federal Search for Unclaimed Funds and Property:

  • HUD/FHA :

    • Does HUD owe you a refund?
        From the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS):

    • Where's my refund?
        Find income tax refunds that the government may be holding for you. Some $80 million is waiting to be collected.

  • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.:

     Worldwide Search for Unclaimed Funds and Property:

  • LivingHeirs.com
      A database listing over 50,000 names of Jewish victims of the Nazis who were forced to turn over bank accounts, insurance policies, and other assets to the Gestapo.

  • Lost Art Database
      A database of cultural goods which were transported or stolen because of persecution, especially of Jewish citizens, as a result of World War II or as a result of National Socialism.

  • Swiss Bankers Association ~ Dormant Accounts
      Although the deadline to submit a claim has past (March 31, 1998), the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) published a list of accounts, which were opened at Swiss banks before May 9, 1945, and have remained dormant ever since. The lists contain 5,570 names of non-Swiss citizens with a total balance of CHF 67 million. You can still check the status of a timely claim. From the Swiss Bankers Association.

     General Search for Unclaimed Funds and Property:

  • MissingMoney.com
      A state sponsored unclaimed property database. Although not every state is covered, it does expedite some searches.

  • National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators
      The NAUPA is an association consisting of state officials charged with the responsibility of collecting and reuniting lost owners with their unclaimed property. This site was developed by state unclaimed property experts to assist you free of charge in your efforts to search for funds that may belong to you or your relatives.

  • National Unclaimed Property Database
      After a brief sign-up, you can search this site's national unclaimed property database to see if you have any property being held by any local, state or federal government agency. Sign-up is free.

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