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How To Backup / Copy Your DVDs

Step 1:  Copy the contents of your DVD to your hard drive using one of the decryption programs found below.

Step 2:  Burn what you decrypted to your hard drive in Step 1 above to a CD-R/RWs and DVD-R/RW disc.

Tip:  Using high quality CD-R/RWs or DVD-R/RWs will make all the difference in the world when backing up and copying for quality playback. If you find your copies skip, play slow or are prone to errors, try switching to a higher quality brand of CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R or DVD-RW.

  • DVD Decrypter   RQdN Awarded Site
      This software rips encrypted DVD video files onto your hard drive for further processing using software like DVD Shrink below. Freeware.
  • DVD Shrink   RQdN Awarded Site
      DVD Shrink is software designed to backup DVD discs. This software is meant to be used in conjunction with a DVD decryption software of your choice (like DVD Decrypter above), to make a backup copy of any DVD video disc and fit it on a CD/DVD-R/RW disc. Freeware.
  • How to Rip DVDs   RQdN Awarded Site
      A step-by-step tutorial using the software above to make backup copies of your DVDs in case of accident or damage.
  • Doom9 DVD Forum   RQdN Awarded Site
      Can't figure something out? Problems burning your CD/DVD? Post your question here and get answers from the people who know.

  • 1Click DVD Copy
      Dual Layer recordable media. Simple and fast. Copies most DVD movies in less than an hour. Copy episodic DVD movies like the 'Simpsons' or 'Sopranos'. Copy a movie to one DVD disc or save it on your hard drive. No warning messages or anti-piracy tracking codes added. LG1X encoding technology ensures perfect video quality. Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies. Free Technical Support.
  • Adaptec
      Adaptec has teamed with Sonic Solutions, the world's leading provider of solutions for DVD creation, to deliver three new software products - MyDVD Studio Video Edition, MyDVD Studio Deluxe, and RecordNow! Deluxe. Adaptec and Sonic are making it as easy to create multimedia DVDs as it has been to create music CDs on a personal computer.
  • DVD-Cloner II
      DVD-Cloner is a choice piece of software that can copy your DVD perfectly in less than an hour. You can burn your favorite DVD to DVD-RW with the same quality as the original DVD. It is not a VCD/SVCD format DVD. It creates a true DVD backup in DVD/MPEG2 format, complete with menus.
      DvdXtreme is a comprehensive package containing all of the tools you'll need to create, edit, organize, back up, burn, rescue and share your photos, data, music, movie and video files in just a few easy steps.
  • EasyDivX
      An all-in-one DVD backup program or use as a graphical interface with other programs. Allows you to backup to the DivX codec, which allows you to keep the high quality video picture but get a small file size. Freeware.
  • HandBrake
      A GPL'd multi-platform, multi-threaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter. Freeware
  • Nero
      A three piece Suite of tools for burning CD/DVD discs. From Ahead Software.
  • Roxio
      Makers of Easy CD & DVD Maker and Easy Media Creator.

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